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Master John Wu was born in ( place ) in the year 1967. From the age of Twelve years, he evinced a deep interest and began in Martial Arts. From Master Chen Yuanlai he learned Qigong, Baji Quan ( Eight Extreme Fists ),Xing Yi Quan, Bagua Palm and Tai Chi and both the Yang and Chen style of Tai Chi from Master Lee Chang, himself a disciple of Master Yang Chengfa. Both of Master John Wu's Masters have preserved the unadulterated, uncorrupted and totally traditional method of practicing these great Arts.

It is the good fortune of interested people to learn Tai Chi this way, directly from Master John Wu. Take a look at the delights offered in Master Wu's classes.

Message from Master John Wu.

"For more than 40 years, I have pursued my deep interest in traditional Tai Chi, handed over without any adulteration to me by my revered Masters. First as a practitioner and later on as a teacher, I have both experienced and witnessed the vast benefits of this form of
Martial Arts. This is why Tai Chi has survived from ancient times to the modern times of today. Every movement of Tai Chi is a movement of strength from the inside to the outside. This naturally stretches and conditions the fascia, organs, tendons and meridians in the body. This will immediately result in a broader and deeper benefit of a complete workout, more than those exercises limited to the mere physical movements of the head, torso and limbs. Tai Chi strengthens and regulates the functions of the Five internal organs, corresponding to the Five elements which are the building blocks of the entire Universe.

In these classes I will share with you the deep and longlasting benefits of Tai Chi on the human body. I have chosen the 11 crucial exercises from the vast field of Tai Chi, to practice internal Chi guiding in the proper poses. After a few sessions, when these stances are perfected, even newcomers to Tai Chi and novices will find that they are able to refine and guide their internal Energy or the
Chi force. This gentle, yet effective exercise will also benefit the elderly and those who are physically uncoordinated as well as those who have difficulty in remembering complex sequences of movements. Tai Chi also helps its practitioners to centre and stabilise not only their bodies, with its inherent strengths but also their minds. Even though Tai Chi seems to be slow and gentle from the outside, the students themselves will soon realise that Tai Chi is as soft but as essential as breathing."


Tai chi Stage One

Tai chi Stage Two


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